Does your NGO have a HUGE potential but is unable to make the impact it seeks?

Join Other NGOs in adopting our digital transformation kit to achieve more Visibility, Productivity & Reach

The world has asked for more leaders and you answered its call!

You mobilize all the workforce under your control, invest beyond all your resources and deprive yourself & your team of sleep…

But you still are falling short on


Being more visible to donors


Reaching more beneficiaries


Increasing team productivity


Recruiting people with the same vision & values


Optimizing your operations & activities


Communicating effectively with all stakeholders

And this harsh reality is extremely frustrating when you have so much to achieve but your efforts don’t seem to move the needle. 

You are not alone in this struggle, Most NGOs face the same hurdles, some crack under the pressure, while others seek expert help. 

The market shares these 2 false beliefs:

  1. Marketing is for for-profit organizations. 
  2. Marketing is complementary and all about social media & ads

The truth is

Marketing is a powerful means to leverage human potential in every sector and the 3rd sector is no exception. The results that you seek could be fulfilled by adopting the right strategy and tools. 

Through marketing, no one is out of your reach, no social platform is hard to conquer, and no productivity hack is a myth!

The success we have witnessed NGOs achieve after working with us was tremendous, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. 

Success Story

One of the stories that moved us to spread the word was CAPNI’s (10x) growth.

CAPNI is an NGO in Northern Iraq, that wanted to take its humanitarian work to the next level, but was struggling to make a step forward. 

Our collaboration together resulted in: 

  1. Saving time for more productive tasks by automating repetitive ones
  2. Facilitating the day-to-day activities & communication between team members by implementing a CRM system
  3. Building more trust between CAPNI & its donors due to more transparency on their platform. 
  4. Expanding the circle to reach more beneficiaries.

Seeing you achieve the same success as CAPNI motivates us to keep walking this journey because every NGO deserves to achieve its purpose without hassle.

Beirut in helps NGOs & Social Enterprises struggling to create the impact they want to see in the world, attain more visibility, reach & productivity by implementing a customized digital transformation strategy covering automation systems, digital platforms, and social media, working cohesively together.

Who We've Worked With

Why it works?

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution!

We understand your uniqueness and give our best to deliver it to the world so it can attract the right people.

Working with us means:

  • You will be heard carefully & attentively 
  • You will be understood 
  • You will be in the hands of the right experts
  • You will have a plan that matches your needs & ambitions 
  • You will have a team behind you every step of the way

We deliver on our promises to you, so you can deliver on your promises to the world! 

Your message will be clear, loud, transparent

and the same across all channels:

Your Website

Your Social Media Accounts


CRM System

Online Platforms

The world will trust you, follow your lead and support you.

Don’t take it from us, see what our clients

NGOs & Social Enterprises are saying.

“This is exactly what we wanted. It is even more than what we imagined!”
Lynn Hajj

— Lynn Hajj


Very happy to cooperate with Beirut in, the company represents a large part of my organization's work in the field of business technology. Skillful, creative, experienced and professional team, It's an enjoyable experience that I highly recommend.
Thumbs up!
Riham Mohamad

— Riham Mohamad

Al Mawred Al Thaqafy

We would like to express our gratitude for the prompt and helpful service you have given us. We will always appreciate the cordial relationship we have shared with Beirut in. Wishing you continued success!
Samantha Maatouk

— Samantha Maatouk

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