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Digital Cash Calls For a Digital Wallet

With the world finally warming up to the idea of electronic wallets, the digital market has witnessed a boom in online payment services.

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eWallet consumers require a reliant space with great privacy, security and simplicity. Electronic wallets are financial instruments for buyers and sellers to quickly go through transactions in the safest ways possible.


If you are thinking of working with online payments but are worried that you do not know everything there needs to know, you’ve come to the right place.

Who Is BiPay For?

Retail and e-Commerce Businesses

BiPay is an essential addition for any m-commerce and retail company for the simplicity of online transactions, security and promotional advertisements.

Financial Industries

Online banking applications greatly benefit from the integration of BiPay to provide their customers with their account details, payment history and split-bills.


With the expansion of the mobile food industry, restaurants benefit from BiPay by processing payments for orders quickly and safely.

Other Apps

No matter the services provided, mobile apps run smoothly with BiPay and create a seamless payment experience for their customers

Why Do You Need BiPay?


Fund Transfers

send and receive money to and from anyone at any time.



save money with various discounts offered by the eWallet application.


Web Payments

purchase anything you want online in the easiest way possible.

What We Can Do For You



We provide you with the safest online experience possible.



We integrate the finest features for digital receipts, promotions and peer-to-peer transactions to create a flexible and personal experience for you and your clients.


Personal Use and Functionality

We make sure to understand your user base and needs.

Revamp your online market and integrate the finest of all eWallets with us today!

Why us?

Top Prices

You won’t find better deals anywhere else.

CTA (Call-to-Action) Tactics

With our expertise in corporate writing, we make sure to entice your visitors on sticking around.

Online Payment Professionals

We know the best of the most secure online payment gateways and we are ready to share the secrets.

User Experience

We focus on giving you and your customers a seamless user experience.


Just like our websites, we are always ready to answer all your questions.

Control your online future. Grow your website traffic. Reach bigger opportunities .