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Multivendor Marketplace


In a few years, the majority of stores will go online. While some are keen on launching their ecommerce websites, many believe in the power of a large online store that can support and include numerous different vendors and brands.

  • Large Catalogue

  • Different Stores / Sellers

  • Similar to a Mall

What is a Multivendor Marketplace?

One storefront with plenty of stores. Similar to Amazon, a multivendor marketplace is an ecommerce website with a large catalogue of different items and brands a client could scroll through and purchase from. With the technological capabilities to hold a large number of different stores under one roof, a multivendor marketplace is similar to a mall.

Why Do You Need a Multivendor Marketplace?

Packaging and Shipping

You get the say on the packaging and shipment strategy you would like to adopt. While your multivendor marketplace web application handles the payments, the seller or the vendor handle the packaging and shipping.

Marketing Dream

With numerous products on the catalogue, marketing the marketplace will be a dream. The variety of items allows for numerous target audiences that you could advertise your goods to. Broaden your customer base and promote all around.

Zero Inventory Model

Save up cash by avoiding investing on inventory. A Multivendor Marketplace holds zero physical inventory since the platform owner connects with sellers who do.

Commission Strategy

Set your commission percentage and make the highest profit.

How We Can Help



Widen your available payment methods to increase sales. We strategize your needs, make sure to pick out the best third-party online payment methods for you and teach you how to manage your payments to the sellers.



We make sure to provide you with the suitable communication platform to discuss contracts with vendors and allow them the liberty of adding their own products, hence widening your online catalogue.



A multivendor marketplace is filled with external products from other vendors. This does not mean that your brand is not valuable. Our expert designers make you look good online while making sure your brand is plastered on all the right places.



With the right copywriting, marketing strategies and designs, nothing can stop your marketplace from flourishing. Trust our team of experts with your online image distribution.

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    Why do I need a personal website?

    A personal website is important to build your personal identity, credibility and authenticity. It is your own space to speak up to the world in a way that reflects your personality and vision.

    What makes it different from other types?

    A personal website has a neat design that helps you connect directly with your audience, it also includes communication features that make your visitors feel comfortable and reach out easily.

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    Absolutely, it is super easy to sign in to your website and edit your pages’ content and add new blog articles and images.

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