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Customer Trust: Where to Begin

Build customer trust

To build anything big and powerful, a foundation must be in hand. In our case, a business empire needs the most important foundation: Trust. The marketing field is all about ads, colorful fonts, backgrounds, words and phrases, shares, likes, it’s like saying “listen, human, we’re doing everything to catch your attention so please come and trust us”. That’s not how it works, unfortunately. Having a successful business means having a successful relationship with clients who are identified as the source. Trust isn’t the only norm you set on the information you get every day, it’s also what you have developed as an emotional relationship with the source. To be exact the older the people get the wiser they become they begin rearranging their surroundings based on the level of trust they have developed so imagine on the professional field how picky they would be to what brand they would buy from.

When someone we trust a lot makes a recommendation, not only do we follow their idea, but we also carry this trust to others. One after the other, the message being spread follows it with the belief that the source of the recommendation is exactly reliable.In the same way,this is how ads are influenced by the magazine or newspaper they appear in. By publishing the same ad in a respected and less respected magazine at the same time, they discovered that the more respected the publication, the more people would trust the ad.


The global pandemic turned the business field upside down and trust-building became difficult. This change imposed a challenge for sales professionals: reestablishing trust (which has dropped off due to aspects outside of their control). Mentioning challenges, let’s talk about how trust can be built in a business and how also to restore one.


  1. Give one-sided service

Business leaders should think of trust as an investment: the more you commit and put your time into it, the more expected benefits you will receive. But it’s somehow understood the other way round like ‘give and take’: offer the needed help then immediately ask for something in return. In that way, customers will understand that the relationship is restrictive or unsettled. The most effective way is to give all the service and value to the customer, provide them with everything the business can offer, and then make your requests later. In that way, the customer will learn that this brand is all about investing and reinvesting in the relationship over the long term.

  1.   Acceptance of Trust

When you acknowledge the trust of another person you got the tendency to behave in a trustworthy manner. In business, when leaders state that all they focus on is trust and customers become aware of this trust, the relationship is going to strengthen. The key element to businesses putting trust back into the customer relationship is to normalize it as a topic: that leaders and representatives are fully aware of the importance of their trust.

  1.   Be open about risks

Honesty is the leading act for trust. Clients should be enlightened about all the bad things that can happen by making these business decisions. So problems become less abstract when they happen. Imagine sales representatives haven’t talked about it with the customer; they would be lost with no way out. At this point, they will appreciate the fact that the business itself acknowledges the difficulties clients might experience.

Today, trust became a critical part of business success. At this point, having a strong relationship is not enough to attract customers but trust is also needed.

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