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How to increase website traffic in 7 steps

increase attract traffic

The question “how to increase website traffic” is eternal. It literary does not get old, because all businesses, old and new, aim to increase their website’s traffic and attract more visitors.

If you already have an online business, or you are an entrepreneur who is willing to launch a new one, and wondering how to drive traffic to your website, in this article we will tell you what strategies work in 2021. Before we proceed, it is important to keep in mind that some tactics provide instant results, while others take time. The best way to find out which strategy works best for you is by trying a variety of methods and analyzing the results.

The methods we will list vary from organic to paid ways, to help you choose the strategy that suits your financial status, especially if you are an entrepreneur.


SEO-friendly websites get the most traffic. Search engine optimization is one of the best methods to attract traffic. The first thing you should do is perform deep keyword research to determine the terms your audience is searching for on search engines, like Google, and create content around them or include them in your old ones.

You need to find low competition/high search volume keywords and incorporate them into your content, especially in titles, Meta-description, and texts. Doing so, along with including internal links in your articles, is the best way to improve your website’s ranking and attract more traffic.


Content marketing is a fundamental element to reach a wider audience, all you have to do is create, publish and distribute different types of content. The better your content is the more engaged your visitors will be. They will share your content for you, helping to promote your site on autopilot.

You can start by creating an editorial calendar to provide a single-pane view of all your activities and keep track of progress. Then Determine which types of content you’d want to produce based on your target market preferences, niche, and competition, and of course on keywords search.

3-Social media

We are living in the era of social media. In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number expected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025. In other words, social media is huge for attracting visitors so use it!

It is simple, post content, interact with followers by replying to them, use relevant hashtags, and update the link in your bio to promote new content on your website.


Newsletters are an effective way to increase website traffic. You can send them daily, weekly, or monthly, but it is important to make sure that the links in the newsletter are mobile-friendly since the majority open their emails using smartphones.

5-Press releases

Press releases are an easy way to promote your business and website. They should be sent to influential websites and publications. As a result, you can get dozens of new visitors.


One of the most efficient and quick ways to increase your website traffic is paid advertising. With search engines, you can run pay-per-click or retargeting ads. With social media, you can run display ads or sponsored posts.

The ideal strategy is to combine different types of advertising like social media, display, and search ads. According to surveys, firms expect social spending to rise by 62% over five years.


Influencer marketing has proven to drive significant ROI, return on investment, both in terms of brand awareness, traffic, and sales. That is why by 2022 over $15 billion will be allocated towards influencer marketing.

What is Influencer marketing exactly? It is a relationship between a brand and an influencer. The influencer promotes the brand’s products or services through various media outlets such as Instagram and YouTube.

How can you connect with Influencers? There are several ways to connect with influencers, mainly by paying them to run sponsored posts on their social media pages, or tag them in your social media post if the content mentions them.

After using one of the above methods or more, it is crucial to check traffic to your website to know what works for you the most. How do you do so? You have to go to your Google Analytics account, if you don’t have one consider creating one. Most importantly, keep in mind that driving traffic is a never-ending task, but it’s also a task that yields result long after you get started.

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